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Do I need to do anything to prepare before my appointment? 

  • Give yourself time and allow 90 minutes to 2 hours for your appointment

  • If you have lash extensions on currently, please let us know so we can schedule additional time for a lash removal service

  • Get ready to relax! Avoid caffeine before your appointment, as it can make it difficult to lie still during the application process

  • Arrive with a fresh clean face! Remove all eye makeup. Avoid using sunscreen or moisturizers. Don't curl your lashes. No mascara, lash glue, or oil residue!

  • Lose your lenses! If you wear glasses or contacts please remove your contact lenses prior to your application. If you forget, no worries! We have complimentary contact lens solution for our clients so you can keep your lens moist during your appointment! 


TIP: Try not to use waterproof mascara 2-3 days prior to your appointment, since it can leave a residue that can prevent extensions from adhering correctly.


What should I expect? 

There will be a little paperwork before your first appointment. After that, your esthetician will escort you to a private or semi-private space and help you choose the perfect services for you. Then you’ll take in the aroma therapy and relax on a comfortable, cushioned, massage recliner chair or pillow topped lash bed, draped under a cozy velour blanket, while your s performs your services.


Which style of eyelash extensions do you offer? 

At Lash Nation we offer 4 eyelash styles: Classic, Hybrid, Volume, and Mega Volume. Lash Nation lash artists have lots of experience helping clients find looks they love— and Lash Nation is happy to help you too!


How long will my eyelash extensions last? 

Lash extension retention will vary from person to person due to many factors including, age, genetics, lifestyle, medicines, ect… Proper lash aftercare is essential to keeping your lashes full and healthy between refill appointments. Make sure to follow the instructions provided by your lash artist to properly retain your lash extensions and protect your natural lashes. For most people lash extensions will last 10-21 days; again this can vary based on several different factors. 


What other lash services do you offer? 

Lash Nation also offers express lashes, strip lashes, bottom lashes, and magnetic lashes. Strip and magnetic lashes can be applied before you go or purchased as cash and carry.

Should I bring in pictures for a reference? 

Sure, but keep in mind your eye and face shape play a very large part in how your set of extensions will look. A set that looks amazing on your friend, may not suit your features. In order to create the look you desire your appointment will begin with a consultation between you and your artist. During this time we will come up with a plan to achieve the look you want while still keeping your lash health and integrity in mind.


Will lash extensions ruin my natural eyelashes?

With proper application and technique, your natural lashes will not be harmed. Artists at Hudson Lash Studio pride themselves on putting our clients lash health first. We monitor your lash health starting from the first appointment to be sure your natural lashes are thriving. 


How long do I have to wait before I can wet my lashes after an appointment? 

Please wait a minimum of 3 hours before wetting your lashes or exposing them to sweat/ steam. For best results, we recommend waiting a full 24 hours and then resuming your normal lash cleansing routine.


Is it okay to get my lashes wet? 

YES! You should be cleansing your lashes daily! We want to see a clean lash line free of dirt, oil, and makeup when you come back for your fill. We sell a great cleanser you can pick up at your next appointment! Otherwise, make sure you're using a cleanser that is oil free. 


How often should I get my lashes filled? 

Time in between your fills will vary based on many factors such as your lash growth cycle and aftercare. Clients who prefer classic lashes should have a fill every 2 weeks. Typically, hybrid and volume clients will need a fill between 2.5-3 weeks out. 


How do I know if I am a good candidate for lash extensions? 

If you're not sure, ask us! Before each appointment your artist will have a thorough consultation to discuss your questions, preferences, overall lash health, and even schedule a patch test. Note: If you have ever had a reaction to adhesives or the ingredient "cyanoacrylate" you unfortunately are not a good candidate for lash extensions. Examples of adhesive reactions can include: mild to severe irritation due to medical bandages, acrylic nail glue, or strip lash glue.

Are my extensions going to look fake?

Not at all! Lash extensions can easily be glam and dramatic OR soft and natural. Each set is customized to the clients needs, preferences, and face/eye shape.


How do I take care of my lashes after they have been applied? 

We recommend you wait 24 hours after your appointment to wet your lashes. Use only oil-free products around your eyes. Cleanse your lashes daily, we prefer Garde Lash Cleanser. Brush your lashes daily. Be sure to NOT pick or pull your lashes.

What is your client satisfaction policy? 


Client Satisfaction: 

At Lash Nation by Pretty Girl Beauty, we are committed to providing exceptional beauty and skincare services to our valued clients. We strive to ensure your satisfaction with every visit. Please take a moment to review our satisfaction policy. 


No Refund Policy:

To maintain the highest standards of service and professionalism, we operate under a no refund policy. Once services have been provided, refunds will not be issued. We believe in transparency and wish to clarify that, as a service-oriented business, our service providers dedicate their time and expertise to each client. Unfortunately, time spent cannot be refunded, and we appreciate your understanding in this matter.


Expressing Dissatisfaction:

We understand that preferences may vary, and we encourage clients to communicate any dissatisfaction with the services rendered before leaving our beauty studio. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your experience, please notify your service provider immediately. We value your feedback and are dedicated to addressing and/or resolving concerns promptly. We will do our best to rectify client concerns, if allowed by the client, however, no refunds will be given at any time. 


Feedback and Improvement:

Your feedback is invaluable to us. We welcome constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement. Your input helps us enhance our services and ensure a positive experience for all our clients. Please feel free to email feedback to


Thank you for choosing Lash Nation by Pretty Girl Beauty. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you, and we are dedicated to exceeding your expectations!

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